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Top 10 Reasons You Need Term Insurance

On average, life insurance rates are more affordable for term than whole life insurance because term policies. That is purely because unlike whole life insurances, term life is for … yes, you guessed it – a short period or fixed period of time. 

In case you survive throughout the term period, and the policy expires, your beneficiaries don't receive the death benefit, so it's less of a risk to the insurer.

Benefits of having Term Insurance

  • Life Risk Cover.
  • Death Benefits.
  • Return on Investment.
  • Tax Benefits.
  • Loan Options.
  • Life Stage Planning.
  • Assured Income Benefits.
  • Riders.

Why Term Insurance?

Many people buy term life insurance for income replacement. They’re looking for term insurance that will provide funds for a family to pay expenses for a certain number of years if they were no longer there to work and earn money but understand that in case nothing happens to them, they would have anyhow brought home a decent amount.

Our Mission

At Online Term Plan our mission is to ensure that every single person is insured for the most important time periods to ensure that in the unfortunate circumstance, your family is well taken care of financially. We offer the best term plans in India ensuring and keeping in mind your true requirements.